CBC – Random alcohol, drug testing for pilots under consideration at summit

By Ashley Burke, CBC News

Greg Holbrook with the Canadian Federal Pilots Association says it’s worth reevaluating if Canada’s system is stringent enough and if it could be safer. (Submitted)

Holbrook said the fact the Sunwing pilot last year was intercepted before taking off in Calgary shows the current system is working.

“We really haven’t had a huge problem with this in Canada, because most Canadian aviators are well steeped in the understanding that impairment and operation of an aircraft just do not go together,” he said.

Canada already has strong rules and programs in place to get pilots help with issues before it gets to the point where they abuse alcohol and drugs, Holbrook added. That includes peer-to-peer support programs and regular medical check-ups with specialized aviation doctors every six months.

But at the same time, Holbrook said he thinks it’s worthwhile that the workshop is reevaluating the current system and how to improve it.

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