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Aviation safety concerns addressed by Transport Committee report

20 June 2017

This morning, the Standing Committee on Transport, Infrastructure and Communities tabled its report on aviation safety following a three-month study.

The Committee heard enough troubling testimony about the state of Canada’s aviation safety oversight system that it called on the government to invite the International Civil Aviation Organization to conduct a comprehensive audit of Canada’s aviation oversight system.

Signaling that it wants Transport Canada put on a shorter leash, the Committee called on the government to produce an annual report on Transport Canada’s compliance with findings from the ICAO audit.

The report also urges Transport Minister Marc Garneau to take into consideration safety and current science when he establishes new fatigue rules for pilots.

In total, the Committee made 17 far-ranging recommendations, many of them calling for Transport Canada to:

Establish targets to ensure more on-site safety inspections versus SMS audits are conducted;
Ensure there is an effective, properly finance, adequately staffed system of regulatory oversight with monitoring, surveillance and enforcement by a sufficient number of trained staff;
Review its decision to allow Transport Canada and Transportation Safety Board pilots to renew their licences by simulator only.
Review all training for civil aviation inspectors to ensure they have the resources needed to be effective.
Taken together, the Committee produced a comprehensive report based on safety concerns expressed by many witnesses.

The full report is available at: