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Who we are…

The Canadian Federal Pilots Association (CFPA) is a bargaining agent representing the approximately 450 professional pilots whose activities include federal government aviation inspections, pilot flight testing, licencing, enforcement, certification of operators, aircraft certification flight testing, development of operating standards, Coast Guard helicopter operation, aviation accident investigation, safety analysis and promotion, and the design, monitoring and regulation of the air navigation system. CFPA members are employed by Transport Canada, the Transportation Safety Board, and NAV CANADA.

CFPA members hold Airline Transport Pilot Licences, which is the highest level of pilot licence attainable in Canada. Aviation regulations require that our members maintain their professional currency in order to retain their licences.

In the past a significant portion of our group came from military pilot backgrounds; however, we currently find that the vast majority of our members originate from the civilian aviation industry. Our members are typically qualified at the check pilot, supervisory, or company management levels prior to their starting their careers in service to the public and, as a result, they bring a wealth of expertise and professional experience to their organizations.

The Canadian Federal Pilots Association is dedicated to improving the working conditions for our members and is committed to maintaining high standards of professional qualification and aviation safety on behalf of the Canadian public.

CFPA National Executive

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Ron Graham

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